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I have been working in mental health and addiction since graduation from Graduate School in 2010.  Even though I am newer to the field I have extensive knowledge, drive and passion for working with clients whom have Black and White thinking utilizing Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.  I have used DBT in various settings and with a large breadth of clientele including:

  • Gambling Addicts and their significant others
  • Severely Mentally Ill
  • Incarcerated Dual Diagnosis women
  • Diagnosed as Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Severe learning disability/low IQ
I find that the tools I have learned while teaching DBT has been immense and I owe a lot of my coping skills to DBT.  In my spare time I enjoy cooking, reading, any food that involves pumpkin and my Corgi Gordon.

If you would like to contact me you have options:
Guess I also like social media.  Over on  Healing from BPD and on twitter I do a weekly "Ask a DBT Therapist" chat with people asking questions about DBT and receive DBT skill coaching.

I look forward to hopefully being part of your Recovery process,

Alicia Paz M.A. LLPC
Ann Arbor, MI

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